Avoid Getting Dry Eyes from the Computer

People are staring at computer screens more and more. This gives you dry eyes, but luckily, the problem is only short-term and can be avoided in the first place.wikihow.com

Blink. People blink at least half as much as normal when staring at the computer screen, because people usually squint and your eyes are not made for looking at monitors. It may be hard to remember to do this constantly, so every now and then you can close your eyes for a few seconds.

10-10-10. Every 10 minutes, look at an object 10 feet away for 10 seconds to get them adjusted to long-distance too, so you are ready when you get off the computer.

Adjust the screen settings. You will find that if you make your screen a bit more dull, it is actually easier to read. The screen should be just as bright as your surroundings, and should not appear to be a glowing box nor pitch black object. You will find that you can actually get used to a brightness of 0. Contrast should usually be in the level of the 80s, but they are different for different screens. Contrast is the strength of the colors compared next to each other.

Back up the screen, but not so much that you have to strain to read the text. 16-24 inches is a good distance, depending on your eyesight and the size of the screen. Consider changing the settings to show larger text on every site accessed on your browser.

Use the computer less and make your time count. Learn to type faster so that you can type up an email faster and be able to get off faster. It is also very efficient to print up long pages that you would have to read on the computer. If you are really sensitive, consider getting a job that doesn't require computer use on a daily basis.

Important Tips:

> Ignore the myth about looking at computer screens making you nearsighted because of the pixels. Looking at computer screens is just like reading a book.

> Before and after long periods of time with computer use, lubricate your eyes with non-preserved or sensitive eyes artificial tears or take a steamy shower but don't get regular water in your eyes as this dilutes and flushes out your natural tears.

> Some of this information can also apply to other types of screens, such as that of TVs, handheld games and cell phones.

> Stay hydrated so you are sure to have enough tears to make.

Get Glowing Skin in Just One Week

If you have blemishes on your face and need to get rid of them quick hopefully it will help you.courtesy:wikihow.com

Take off all your makeup using a makeup remover (ponds cold cream works great). just wet your face and rub it in then gently wipe off with a wet wash cloth.

Using a gentle facial cleanser like purpose gentle cleansing wash or Johnson's baby wash. Rub it all over your face then wipe off with a wet wash cloth. After that, splash your face with warm water to make sure all of the product is off.

Get a facial buff (which you can get at any drug store). Add some of your facial cleanser and wet it then exfoliate your face with it. Be careful not to rub too hard. After you've finished, splash your face with warm water again then pat your face dry with a towel.

Get a piece of ice and rub it all over your face and under your eyes then pat your face dry with a towel. This will close up all your pores and get rid of any puffiness you might have.

Witch hazel is a great astringent. Using a cotton ball or a piece of toilet paper put some on it and swipe it all over your face. This will get rid of any remaining dirt that may be on your face and help to clear up any pimples you have. If you don't have witch hazel you can use any mild astringent.

Moisturize. Moisturizing is key to clear skin no matter what type of skin you have including oily. Try to find one that doesn't have have much added fragrance in it. Anything mild will do the trick. A vitamin c lotion would be best if you have any marks or scars on your face because it will help to fade them.

If you have dark circles, fine lines, under eye puffiness, or if you just want to prevent wrinkles, you might want to use an eye cream.

Important Tips:

> If you're currently using anything on your face with a lot of harsh chemicals, it might be breaking you out. Just because something says "acne fighting" doesn't always mean its going to prevent acne. It could actually be drying your skin out causing your skin to produce more oil which then leads to clogged pores.

> Only exfoliate your face once or twice a week! Over exfoliating may cause irritation.

> Always wash your makeup off at night. if you sleep in your makeup over night it will clog your pores.

> Figure out what might be causing your skin to break out, you might be using a new product that could be irritating your skin.

> Get a proper amount of sleep and try not to stress too much.

> Drink plenty of water.

> If you find you breakout on your back or chest it could be your shampoo/conditioner try switching to a milder one or a higher end brand. Also dove white soap is what most dermatologists recommend if you have this problem.

> Don't pick any pimples you have, this will cause them to scar. If your going to pop them get a wash cloth and put some hot water on it and hold it over the blemish for a few seconds then try to pop it, if it wont pop never force it to, just wait till it comes to the surface.

> Never touch your face with dirty hands, always wash them first.

> Eat more fruits and vegetables

> Folic acid and b complex vitamins are great for your skin.

> If a blemish pops up you can use any type of spot treatment, just dab a little on and let it set. Clean and clear advantage acne spot treatment works well or anything with salicylic acid in it.

> And if all else fails you can always fake it by putting some concealer over your blemishes, putting some foundation on, setting it with a light powder, and adding a little bronzer to your cheeks with a light shimmer in it. Never cake on your foundation or concealer, because if you do you might not be covering your blemishes you might just be adding more attention to them.

Deal With a Liar

Liars. So difficult to deal with, yet so easy! This article will teach you some tips on how to deal with liars, and possibly how to make them crack.

When dealing with truth, liars, and the suppression of truth, or when a crime involves a conspiracy, or conspiracy to cover-up, accuse those guilty of the latter freely. They (both those deliberately seeking to lead you astray, and those who are simply foolish or misguided thinkers) generally run for cover when thus illuminated. courtesy:wikihow

Remember that, when dealing with a liar, the best policy is blinding truth. Liars always are shown in the end for what they are.

Keep your words soft and hold your tongue. At times this may be the hardest thing to do when presented with a lie, either to you, or about you. Simply state the truth. Do not use harsh words. Do not get angry. Try to remain calm and collected. Let the lie be seen for what it is in time.

Make sure you do not lie, most importantly. If you are known as an honest person, who never fails the truth, when a lie is said the other will be known as false. "False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil." -Plato

Keep in mind that if one speaks lies about you, then say nothing back but the truth, even if it hurts sometimes. "Anger at lies lasts forever. Anger at truth can't last." -Greg Evans

Remember that truth really is the best weapon for fighting a lie. "Truth is generally the best vindication against slander." -Abraham Lincoln

Ask an elder for help in the matter. No matter what you are, be you 7, or 75, there is wisdom that comes with age, and presenting your problem to an elder will often lead you to a result. Never forget that they have lived already and have the wisdom that accompanies that.

Understand that if a child lies that's considered immaturity, if an adult lies that is considered having an evil tongue.

Reflect on the quote: "Words are cheap, but all the money in the world can't buy back an exposed lie!" -Noel Gallagher.