How to Get Rid of Acidity

Stomach acid helps digest food, activate enzymes, and destroy germs that make it to your stomach. However, stomach acid can also cause “heartburn” that burning or uncomfortable feeling in your chest. Chronic heartburn, also known as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or “acid reflux disease,” isn’t due to “too much” acid, but acid in the wrong place (your esophagus instead of your stomach). Excessive production of stomach acid can cause erosions in the stomach and the duodenum (part of your small intestine), called ulcers or "Peptic Ulcer Disease". courtesy:

This article will help you handle your stomach acid problems, whether they’re due to stomach acid being where it shouldn’t be or the overproduction of stomach acid. If you continue to experience problems, see your doctor.

As a immediate measure, Seek Medical Attention.

Here are few symptoms:

Hoarseness or a sore throat
Acid taste in the mouth
Bad breath
Burping or feeling like you need to burp
Lack of appetite
Nausea or vomiting
Weight loss
Difficulty breathing
Dizziness or fainting
Sharp, severe stomach pain

Here are some of the easy looking Remediation, you can start them right now!

Implementing Lifestyle Remedies
Reduce your stress - relax, yoga, exercise, sleep, social support
Stop smocking 
Maintain a healthy weight (Lose Weight Fast)
Drink lots of water
Monitor your alcohol consumption (try to gradually reduce it, if you cannot stop immediately)
Reduce/Cut your caffeine intake
Avoid eating before bedtime or lying down
Eat smaller frequent meals
Avoid high-fat foods - avoid fast food
Eat natural fruits and vegitables
Avoid spicy foods
Avoid high-acid fruits
Drink a glass of milk - Cold is awesome
Try some natural food - licorice, ginger, cranberry

And most important, stop worrying about anything!!

How to Make Valentine's Day Special on a Budget


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Avoid equating love with consumption. It's easy to get bogged down in the buying frenzy surrounding Valentine's Day, as retailers vie to rake in some decent profits from romance-inspired lovers. Love isn't about what you give in goods though; it's about what you give by way of time, attention, and acknowledgment of the other person. And none of those can be purchased. Once you view Valentine's Day from the perspective of it being about acknowledging and celebrating your love by spending time together, it's easier to realize that a budget Valentine is still a perfect date opportunity.

Minimize rather than do without. One of the tricks to saving money on Valentine's Day is to still indulge in some of the traditional Valentine's accessories but to reduce them. For example, instead giving her a dozen red roses, give her one, held in your teeth, and accompanied by your best impression of a Spanish dancer. Or, give him a special brand of chocolate bar instead of a whole box of expensive chocolates. In this way, you can still participate in the essence of Valentine's Day but spend very little.

Make your own. A homemade card is always more meaningful than a purchased one. It says not only what you write in it but also "I took the time to make this because I care enough about you to give that time." As far as mementos go, it's likely the card will be kept for many years to come! Other things can be made too, for gifts. Draw on your own skills when making gifts; for example, if you're a keen gardener, give something from the garden; if you're a keen cook, make something delectable; if you're a keen outdoor enthusiast, give a fully guided nature walk or a lesson in your favorite sport.

Think of something you can do for your love. An excellent way to show your love can be through making love coupons or vouchers. These can contain promises that range from the mundane to the downright sexy, all depending on your willingness to do things for your love.

Exchange cheesy but sweet gifts that remind you of one another, for whatever reason. 

Give time. Giving time is the ultimate romantic gesture. It will mean a great deal if you're usually stretched for time and you choose to give up the whole day to spend with your beloved, doing things together that have nothing to do with work, raising a family, paying bills, etc. Banish the mundane and just allow the day to be about the two of you together. As part of this, be thoroughly attentive, listen, and take the chance to share dreams and hopes for the future, including renewing dreams that might have been taken for granted over time.

Create a special evening at home together. Make a meal in which you go to extra trouble. It doesn't have to be expensive food; just spend time making it more complicated and interesting than the usual daily meals. Look online for recipe ideas to help you turn ordinary ingredients into something fabulous. If you're going to watch a special DVD together, be sure to make some tasty popcorn to share.

Stargaze Put on warm clothes and step out to check out the night sky. If you have to travel, add picnic rugs, a thermos of warm drink, some snack bars, and a full tank of fuel. Find somewhere on the city outskirts where the sky is clear. Take along a star chart and look for stars that you know. Choose a star just for the two of you and make a promise to look for it every Valentine's Day.