Be Fearless

Everyone wants to live without fear, but the task is more psychologically challenging than physically. Fears can be overcome through interaction with them in a safe environment. Fear is what you make of it, it is learned, like speaking, and can be unlearned.

Steps to follow:

> Acknowledge your fear and realize that fears are natural and different for each person

> Talk with friends and loved ones about your fear and walk through the pros and cons of living with this fear.

> Acknowledge that it may take a while to overcome your fears. Mental health is more intricate, and sometimes people take months, if not years, or a lifetime to realize the invalidity of such a fear.

> Obtain comfort with the fear. The best way to overcome it is to confront the fear in a safe controlled environment being overseen by trained professionals and loved ones.

> Recognize fears are psychologically based upon our life's history. We need rewrite our history and confront the fear head on to become fearless.

> Acknowledge life is too short to live in fear, recognize, act, and live your life. Fears are internal, life is external, and it stops for no one.

> Most Important, keep a connection with the master!


  1. Great post:-)
    I suppose that there are rational fears and irrational fears too.
    Some fears are necessary such as 'don't jump off a bridge' or into a fire for that matter... Those are natural fears that protect our lives.
    But the ones that you speak of are probably the irrational ones like social anxiety and fear of grasshoppers, spiders, open spaces etc. I agree that it's good to overcome those.

  2. As always I enjoyed reading this and it was very on point.

  3. Solid information. Overcoming fear is perhaps the most important thing we human beings have to learn to do.

  4. geez this is amazing thanks for letting me know about this.

  5. nice. i love this post. we won't let fear stop us.

  6. How timely! I've just been thinking about how fear holds me back from following my passions!

    Cheers for the awesome post!!

  7. Unnatural fears stand in the way of our potential.

    Yes … keep a connection with the Master.

    I like that.

  8. I wish to be fearless in fights and fights of life.... to be fearless when i face people having more power than me.. socially and financially...

    I dont want to fear.. but my damn stupid meek brain just dont get it...

    Every man is suppose to rule..

    What do you think???


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