Enjoy Living in Your Own Area

Sometimes it can be hard to like where you live. But don't think of moving yet! At least try to see the town for it's best before you consider the big decision.courtest:wikihow.com

Visit the historical sites. If you live in Savannah, Georgia, there's the Juliet Gordon Low house that is super cool. But if you have small children, don't take them to any places that are thought to be haunted. If you live in Saint Augustine and take them to the military hospital and fort, that's fine, just as long as it's the morning and early afternoon, even late afternoon can get really creepy.

Go to parts of town you haven't been before. It can be so much as a store you've never been to, as long as you see your city as a whole. If you don't want to go to any of the bad parts of town where there's a lot of crime that's okay.

Get active in the community. Volunteer at the animal shelter or soup kitchen, be in community plays, or even just watch one. It can change your whole view when you are active in a community.

Try out a new restaurant. You can also start as a community food critic and blog on a website.

Go to a festival. Art festivals, film festivals, or even the farmer's market works.

Just get involved! Just being part of a community and town, no matter how small, is a great feeling, and can be good for your health too.


Do go into any parts of town that's known for crime.

It is not worth the risk of them getting traumatized by one little thing, wouldn't it? Don't take small children to a haunted place! You can traumatize them if they see or hear anything. Even if they want to, don't.


  1. i definitely try a new resto whenever I am on a diff location. Thanks!

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  4. thx a lot atleast you give me some sort of idea on what to do around my neighborhood. nice Writing Btw :)


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