Spend the Weekend Doing Something Productive

There are millions of things you COULD do on the weekend. And there are things you SHOULD do on the weekend. Don't let your brain rot and your house suffer till Monday. Spend the weekend doing something other than lazing around. courtesy:wikihow


> Make a to-do list of things you have to, should and want to do by Monday.

Get started!

If you have any homework, tests or reports to turn in to your boss, better start early on Friday night. You will have accomplished something and may have even finished!

> Keep clean. Just because its the weekend doesn't mean you get sloppy. Make your bed, do the dishes finish part of the laundry. Don't make chores pile up on you!

> If you have finished all the things you HAVE, and SHOULD do, give yourself a break. you managed a lot during this weekend! Go shopping with friends or make a sundae.

If you have anything you have wanted to do since half a year , clean out the garage for example , you may as well do it now.

This may be a nice time to start up on a hobby. Collecting, art, poetry, knitting, sports etc are nice.


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