Evolve in Your Spiritual Practice

No matter what religious tradition you come from, having a spiritual practice allows you to develop as a person and deal with life's difficulties in a healthy manner courtesy:ehow.com.

Steps to try:

> Keep a spiritual diary. A spiritual diary is invaluable to today's spiritual seeker. No matter what spiritual tradition you follow, a spiritual diary acts as the guru, or guide in keeping you on the spiritual path. Each day keep track of the total number of hours you spend in meditation, japa, pranayama, asanas, sleep, selfless service, etc. By doing this, you become aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

> Practice karma yoga or selfless service. By doing things in an unselfish way for others, we purify the heart and become closer to God. Karma yoga reminds us that we are all connected. By helping others we forget about our own problems, reduce our ego and learn to see things from another point of view.

> Practice asanas and pranayama. These yoga practices keep the body and mind strong and healthy enough to deal with daily stress. They also help us gain control over our thoughts. With a clear mind and more energy, we make better choices.

> Study spiritual books. We all need inspiration during life's trying times. These books teach us how to live in this world. They help develop our powers of discrimination which we need to decide what is good for us in and what isn't. This practice also helps to develop good character and ethical conduct.

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