The Best Things in Life aren't Things

Money. It's something we all need. Whether you work for it, inherited it, saved for it, married into it, won the lottery, or some combination thereof, when you start to inch toward midlife, just make sure you have a plan so there's some left over for you to live on... and enjoy.

Financial issues can be complicated, frustrating and emotionally charged, but dealing with these things now will ensure that we're not scrambling in the future. These days we're facing global economic circumstances that aren't terribly reassuring, as well as more personal financial concerns: aging parents, college expenses for those of us who still have kids in school, and the precariousness of our own careers as we get older.
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Here's a "The Best Things In Life Are Free" Starter List:

> Love: the love you give and the love you get.

> Your Faith: whatever it is, it is yours to follow.

> Your Conscience: During the reign of King Henry VIII, Sir Thomas More followed his conscience: to his death: and stood behind what he believed was right. Only you can look yourself in the mirror every night at the end of every day and tell yourself that you truly did the right thing, according to your own conscience, and you didn't let anyone persuade you otherwise.

> Your Thoughts: whether you choose to share them, or keep them to yourself.

> Happiness: In most cases, we can choose to live our lives in a state of happiness with moments of unhappiness (it's the rare person who can be happy 24/7), or we can choose to be unhappy with moments of happiness.

> Laughter: Laugh every day, because no matter what's going on in the world or in your life, you can find a little humor in just about everything.

> Compassion: Be tender of heart, and the world will be a better place.

> Reading: Go to a library and check out a book or magazine, or borrow from a friend.

> Walking: I started a walking program a few years ago, and eventually added running into the mix. You can do this anytime, anywhere. The only cost is a pair of running or walking shoes. You'll be exercising your body, and your mind.

> Push-ups and Sit-ups: These are two of the most basic, and yet effective, exercises you can do (20 of each every day), and they are absolutely free.

> Singing: Even when my two teenaged daughters roll their eyes at me, I sing pretty much whenever I feel like it, which is quite often.

> Central Park: It's one of my personal "Great Wonders of the World" but there are community parks everywhere for us to enjoy.

> Eating Healthy Foods: True, it's not free, but choosing to eat healthy foods costs no more than eating unhealthy foods.

> Sex: Engaging in a loving, intimate relationship with your partner is one of the most beautiful expressions of love I can imagine.

> Attitude: My article last week was about feeling invisible: "Feeling Invisible? HuffPost Readers Speak Out": but even that is a choice. Choose living your life with a good, positive attitude, and without fear.

There are free concerts, lectures, tastings (wine and food), and so many other wonderful ways to enjoy life . . . at no cost, and in my ongoing effort to "spend less and save more," I'm always on the lookout for great ideas.

What is your "The Best Things in Life Are Free?" list?

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