Protect Against Cell Phone Radiation

Ever since I noticed that a paper clip would stick to my cell phone right where I hold it to my ear, I've been worried about what that might be doing to me. Cell phones also emit microwave radiation, just as portable phones do. Here's what you can do to protect yourself, short of getting rid of your phone altogether. courtesy:catmccabe,

Few Ways:

> First, check the SAR rating on your phone, by going to the FCC's website. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate. That's how much heat your body is absorbing from the device. Understand that the number available from the FCC only measures the SAR when the phone is at your ear, not when it's on your body or in a pocket.

> Check the fine print that comes with your phone. Some cell phones are not designed to be carried or held less than an inch from your body! Your body includes your chest, your ear, and your thigh. Know what that means? The company isn't responsible if you get sick as a result of using their product. They warned you.

> Use the paper clip test when upgrading your phone. Does it stick near where you hold it close to your ear? Buy the phone that has the best shielding.

> Don't wear the phone on your body. Not in any pocket of your clothing. Not the breast pocket, or your front or back pocket. Not anywhere near your reproductive organs, male or female. Wear it in a holster you can clip to your belt or purse.

> Buy a Bluetooth earpiece, so the phone is never next to your ear. This is especially important for children, who reportedly are more susceptible to brain tumors than adults.

> Use your cell phone sparingly. Do you really need to chat when you're in line at the bank or the grocery store checkout? You survived just fine, driving home without dialing up. Try it once in a while. Go without, and stay healthy.


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  2. i can feel the vibration of my phone's radiation, as if im being sent a message or a call but when i look not even a signal is up to show me ive missed something, is this phantom vibrations?? b/c it happens literally 24/7 every time i move at all (i leave it in my bra) help

  3. There are radiation clips u can buy for ur ph


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