Stay Away from Germs at the Office

Germs, viruses and bacteria live in all kinds of places in the office. They are so small, that you can't see them with the naked eye, but their effects can be felt for days or even weeks if you get really sick. There are precautions you can take to keep yourself healthy so that you can try to stay away from germs and viruses. Read on to see how you can further protect your health from germs at work.
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Few steps you can follow:

> Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk at all times. Use it on your hands when you come in contact with a sick person. Offer some your sanitizer to someone if they happen to sneeze or if they appear to be sick with a cold. This can possibly keep them from spreading germs elsewhere in your office area.

> Purchase a container of antibacterial wipes to keep at your desk. Clean your desk down at the end of every work day to clean away any germs or viruses that could have spread on your desk throughout the day. Also wipe your phone off after each use or if somebody else uses your phone.

> Off clients or customers another pen/pencil besides your own. Keep a separate jar of pens and pencils for clients to use. Store your personal writing utensils in your desk.

> Wash your hands with warm water and soap every time after using the restroom. Wash your hands for about the length of time it take to sing "Happy Birthday" at least three times.

> Cough and sneeze into your arm or sleeve. Coughing and sneezing on your hands will spread germs further throughout your body and onto other objects that you may touch. Wash your hands immediately or put hand sanitizer on them.

> Stay home if you are ill. If you are running a fever, see your doctor. Encourage other employees to stay home when they are ill or to at least see a doctor to be treated. Sometimes the doctor can offer antibiotics to help someone who is sick.


  1. Yes, I am going to try to use the happy birthday thing to make sure I wash my hand properly. Thank you for the advise!

  2. Stay at home when sick. Germs are everywhere, even in place like this:

  3. Especially during cold weather..seems like the germs can easily strike your immune system..nice tips..thanks

  4. The best way to stay away from office germs is to simply not touch anything if you can help it. Obviously you can't do that, but touch-free restroom products make it possible. I know of offices buildings/schools that use when it comes to their restroom sanitation.

  5. Right! If you feel really sick, then you should stay at home. You shouldn't risk going to work while sick. Your officemates' health and the company's operations might get affected.


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