Enjoy the Falling Rain

It's raining outside!! Wat to do now? sometimes really tiring but, No! Learn to love the falling rain, which waters our world and should keep our spirits up.

Open the window in rainy weather. Lie down and let the sound of the rain soothe you. If it is bedtime, drift asleep to the sound of the rain.

Keep warm in colder weather. Don't open the window unless it is bearable; instead, cuddle up under your favorite quilt or blankets and listen to the sound of the rain on the roof. Yes, turn the TV off!

Focus on your senses. Watch the raindrops as they create puddles, listen to the different tones, from the white noise of distant rain to the more melodic large drops that hit puddles when running off the roof. Especially breathe deep, taking in the freshness of the air that only a fresh rainfall provides.

Take children out in the rain in their rubber boots and raincoats. Let them splash around in the puddles and rain (Bring your own rubber boots and join in if you want to feel like a kid again). They can take their rubber ducks and bath toys with them, or they can try and spot where the animals have hidden from the rain (birds, squirrels, possums etc., whatever your part of the world has). If you have an ant hill nearby, let them investigate what the ants are doing. Ask them if the ants come into your house earlier to warn you the rain was coming?

Take out some time from work or play to watch the rain falling through your windows. Relax and breathe deeply. Ask others to appreciate the rain with you.

Cook your favorite meal that you associate with rainy days. It'll bring back memories and cheer you up.

Do all those things you said you'd save until a rainy day. Get out the old puzzles and games; finish that long-forgotten sewing or woodwork project; read that novel; dance with your loved one on the living room floor.

Go on an indoor outing like the cinema or a restaurant. Apart from needing to take an umbrella or raincoat, once you're indoors again, you'll forget about the weather and you won't regret wasting sunshine.

Drink hot tea and enjoy the sip with your near and dear ones.


  1. Drinking hot coco and watching the rain fall outside is one of the best things in life.

  2. Love it! I get this beautiful feeling of nature, peace and harmony when it rains. It comforts me:)


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