Enjoy a Relaxing Weekend

People always wonder what to do on an utterly boring and dull weekend with nothing to do and no money to spend. Here's a solution to your dreadful problem! courtesy:wikihow.com


Eat a nice hot breakfast such as frozen waffles, pop tarts, pancakes, you name it! Along with that, a cup of hot tea or coffee is recommended. Also, orange juice is a great morning drink, because it will give you all the energy you need for the day of relaxation!

Take a long, hot shower or bath to get you up and awake, then either get in a clean pair of pajamas or a comfortable outfit such as sweatpants and a sweatshirt

Get on the computer, watch your favorite show, listen to music, etc.

Eat again then relax and do whatever suits your interests. Some interesting ideas are to meditate, read, do your hair, dress up for fun, whatever your heart desires!

If you're home alone, then let loose and be yourself completely. Do something silly or stupid, scream, release all the week's stress in some just plain dumb ways. You'll feel much better.

If it's raining outside and your parents or whoever agrees, go walk in the rain; or if you dare, dance in the rain! Just have fun.

Get something to look forward to. Think about that long assembly that gets you out of school/office on Monday or your favorite movie being aired on TV.


  1. Nice:))))))))))))))))))
    Gonna try each of them soon!

  2. Good ideas, great ways to relax instead of running around and doing errands all weekend!


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