Best Tips to Avoid Eyestrain While Working at a Computer

If you work at a computer for more then three hours a day you are likely to have symptoms of eye strain. Here are a quick tips to save your eyes:

Position screen so light doesn't bounce off and create a glare. You can also put an antiglare shield on the screen.

Turn up the contrast to minimize strain on your eyes.

Light your work area well. Use full spectrum bulbs. They duplicate natural sunlight and are easier on the eyes.

Keep brightest lights over to the side if possible. Turn off overhead lighting. Close blinds so that sunlight doesn't glare on your screen.

Don't forget to blink. Blinking keeps eyes moistened.

Position your monitor 18 to 30 inches from your eyes.

Keep screen clean and properly focused.

Take frequent "eye breaks". Take a 20 second break every 20 minutes and just stare into the distance. Keep your eyes off the screen.

Rest your eyes by covering them with your palms. Keep them in complete darkness for a minute.

Keep frequently used paper documents in a holder that attaches to the monitor. This keeps your eyes from having to move up and down.

Adjust your glasses or contacts for the computer. Sometimes your prescription may not be suitable for computer work.

Keep your keyboard positioned directly in front of monitor.

Get up and move around at least every two hours. It gives your eyes a break, as well as the rest of your body.

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