Think Positively

In order to think positively, you have to change your emotional and mental approach towards yourself, other people and situations.

* Make a decision to do your own thinking and have control over your attitude. That means deciding to conquer the negativity that is going on around you. Think of what you can do today and how you will react that will make a difference to your life instead of allowing people and situations to dictate.

* Associate or mix around with people who can provide something of value. Avoid those who sap your energy and motivation. If you can't avoid them, or don't want to, learn how not to let them get you down.

* Start saying positive things especially about yourself. How you communicate to yourself affects your thinking and your emotions, as well as your self-esteem.

* Try new things. Experiencing a wide variety of life in a positive light will do wonders. Something as simple as trying the mussels in a restaurant can lead to new tastes and different sensations.

* Read more. Read about how those people who fought fear with courage and succeeded in life. Through reading, you will gain new knowledge and understanding and it will help you clear whatever is blocking your thinking and create more ideas.

* Set goals no matter how impossible it may seem at the moment. Keep yourself busy working on them. Once you reach one, you will get inspired. With each goals achieved no matter how small, you will gain confidence and your self-esteem will increase.

* Change your mental pictures. What and how you see yourself and your surroundings make a difference to your thinking. You are visualizing or imagining something at every waking hour. Start to change your old internal dis-empowering pictures with images of something that you wish to experience.

* Start questioning yourself on your behavior and attitude. Ask yourself why you are resisting or producing the habits or attitudes that you dislike. Stop each time you catch yourself in a circumstance that brings about negativity and doubts.

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  1. Hi BlaKe,

    Great points here and I especially can relate to: "Changing mental pictures and Associate with people who can provide value."

    Once I was able to create and actually started spending more time visualizing and doing affirmations daily, things started coming my way. Including a different crowd that I noticed I was spending more time with.

    This new crowd has been wealth of information and the value they have brought into my life has completely changed my and my business.

    Thanks for the great post!


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